Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

@Yooda21 - Hiroshima { Album Review )

I've been listening to Hiroshima like crazy these past few days. One of my favorite albums this year. Yooda is definitely underrated the long way. He's been delivering heat ever since Latent Status. My favorite bangers on the album is " Level That Sh*t & I Ain't Worried Bout You! Hiroshima is what you call a #MauriceologyApproved Project! He's definitely been working. You hear his progress all through the album. The Quality On That Album Is Crazy.. Shoutout To Beats By Ced for Grade A Production. Yooda looking out for the females giving them 🔥 This an album you should look for and give a listen to.. Keep an eye on him, he's trying to shake up the place. If you hating on the album, You a damn clown. Hiroshima is definitely in my top 10 albums released this year. A Well put together project made for the people ears..   Listen..

    @lpofguttamuzik - Lp DieVerse 2016

    @FatmanKey - Regular Guy!